Essay Topics for College Students

Essay Topics for College Students

Essay Topics for College Students

There are different types of essays that college students write. The extent of research, application of writing skills, and critical thinking needed will depend on the kind of essay you are required to write. It is obvious that an essay topic is the guide into knowing the kind of content your essay(s) will need. Therefore, when you are creating a topic to write on, you need to take good time and critically think out. The question that should be ringing in your mind as you get into developing an essay topic is “what makes an essay topic good?”

With a number of ideas for writing a college essay topic, you will find creating your essay’s topic to be effortless. However, the challenge can be in getting the best ideas. You can liaise with a leading essay writing company or tutors so as to be assisted in figuring out the way you will have the best topic. Below are sample college students’ essay topics that can fall within the category of the essay you are required to write.

Consumption of fast foods is doing more harm to the economy

This topic can be narrow or broad depending on the essay writing instructions you are provided with. When you are writing on it, you need to reveal the side effects of fast food intake and how such effects probably affect the health sector. You can cite that more people are getting sick hence increasing the pressure on the scarce health resources. In this case, you should support your arguments with documented facts as well as personal opinions or experiences.

Are stricter laws against terrorism raising the likelihood of terrorist activities

Does legal strictness in fighting terrorism create a loophole of having the law enforcers employ self-devised strategies in their line of duty, to benefit themselves? For instance, you can argue that police officers or anti-terror officers are being bribed by the suspects they hunt down.

Is it moral for the developed countries to source labor from developing countries?

The notion by developed countries to hire laborers from developing countries somehow faces criticism. This is because it is sometimes thought that developed countries know that they can get cheap labor from developing countries. While writing on this topic, you should take your stand to either support the idea by the developed countries to hire workers from the developing countries or argue that it is not moral for them to do so.

Use of the internet is a necessary evil

The Internet has brought about great value in this information age but then it has also greatly degraded morality within society. This essay topic is two-sided. It requires the writer to discuss the good and evil that has originated from the inception of internet. Basically, the topic will require you just to highlight and discuss the merits and demerits of using internet.

How to ensure racial coherence in a multiracial school

Racial differences are bound to arise in schools that enrol students from diverse racial backgrounds. The management in such a school should therefore devise ways through which such differences can be dealt with so as to promote harmony within the school. You need to discuss the best methods that can be used to prevent the onset of racial differences in a multiracial school and also highlight how any occurring differences can be resolved.

Technology is overwhelming the value of traditions in society

Technology is good but then some argue that it is slowly making a number of valuable traditional aspects fade away. As you write an essay on this topic, you should indicate whether you agree or disagree with this statement. Therefore, you need to be aware that this is an argumentative essay. You can weigh (discuss on) both sides first and thereafter make your stand on the same subject.

Are exams a precise measure of student’s intelligence?

Exams are done in all learning spheres and are said to be a way of testing the learners’ progress as far as what they are learning is concerned. But then, is it really true that the best performers in exams are the most intelligent students? Probably there are other aspects to consider so as to determine who an intelligent student really is. The argument on this topic should be based on that.

Long working hours make workers less productive

Whether having employees work for long will bring about more productivity or vice versa usually causes a hot debate. Different researchers and economic analysts have given an explanation on that. Your goal here should be to support your argument with evidence and show how and why lengthy working hours result in less productivity among workers.

Less strictness on the cyber bullying crime will likely raise crime levels in future

Cyber bullying is one of most serious cyber-crimes and it is a vice that truly lowers the victim’s self-esteem. It is hence very important to ensure that legal procedures against this crime strictly stand when the crime happens. This essay will seek to show how lenient legal procedures on cyber bullying culprits will likely lead to more crime in the future. You might cite that the victimized will retaliate to defend their personality etc, as you argue out your sentiments.

Does education really count, because even school dropouts do succeed?

A number of people have been citing that education is the key to success. However, there are many people who have succeeded without having to go through the education system. This causes a different line of thought. The aim of this essay is to explain whether being educated is the true course of success, or there is more to success than acquiring education.

These are just but a few common topics for college essays. However, each essay’s topic will depend on the matter that you need to write on. What you just need is understanding the topic you are given or creating, before you start working on your essay. Our expert essay-writing tutors can professionally aid you in writing a good college essay topic, or even doing the entire essay for you.

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