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How can I improve my Assignment?

Writing is an art, just like drawing. You simply need to polish it by practicing more. Writing is not dependent on the assignments or a thing you are writing but more like a thought process. Your thought reflects in your writing. Therefore, we can easily deduce that writing is the same but different in pattern from one subject to the other. For instance, book writing is different from assignment writing.

So, as a student passing through different classes and education levels, how can you improve your assignment writing?

How can I improve my Assignment?

To improve your assignment writing, it requires a great deal of effort and time. If you devote 200% effort and 100% of your time, then be sure you can write impeccable content. However, time is the number one enemy of the student. Students don’t have much time to waste on a specific subject. There is a chuck of other assignments waiting.

Nonetheless, the way you approach and write determines the grade you score in assignments. The things you simply ignore as important may end up costing your grades. For instance, the use of punctuation, word voice, structure, grammar, and spelling plays a pivotal role when it comes to marks awarding. And these are the aspects that you need to excel in by just practicing. All you need to do is bring together your thoughts with these basic writing rules to make your assignments stand out!

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Excellent Tips for Improving Assignment Writing Skills

Writing a perfect assignment that will attract high grades is not an easy task for most students. However, there is nothing impossible when you put in a lot of time and effort. Regardless of where you are in school, college, or university, you can improve your assignment writing skills by using the following basic strategies. Without much ado, let’s dive right into it!

  • Read More With Understanding

There is no alternative to this. To become an impeccable writer, first, you must be an avid reader. If you don’t have an interest in reading, writing is difficult. Reading opens you to new ideas and inspirations. These are the things that help you become a better writer.

However, reading doesn’t mean you have to read more of your syllabus books, you can read anything that you have an interest in. You can read poetry, fiction, science, fantasy, humor, thriller, satire, or anything that you want. This way, you will increase your ideas along with knowing what sounds better on paper. Moreover, you will increase your vocabulary base.

  • Know the Different Writing Styles

What sets apart academic writing from fiction is that it is factual and technical. When writing fiction, it will entirely depend on your imaginations, which is not the case with academic writing. As such, you need to understand the difference and the different writing styles needed. Once you click the academic writing style, you become a more exceptional writer.

  • Improve Your Spelling and Grammar

Like we mentioned earlier, errors in your grammar and spellings can cause you more than you can imagine. For you to earn higher marks, you must demonstrate the ability to write flawlessly and clearly.

Simple mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spellings, and sentence structure show that you are negligent. Moreover, it demonstrates that you didn’t take enough time to review your work, and this affects your instructor’s opinion about your work.

The surest way to ensure your grammar, spelling mistakes, and punctuation is on point is to proofread while you edit your work to discard the errors and mistakes. Besides, you can request someone to check these errors before you submit them.

  • Adopt Academic Language

Also, you need to use academic language when writing your assignments. The following tips can help you adopt academic language to improve the quality of your assignment writing;

  • Avoid the use of pronouns like I/ me/one.
  • Use appropriate tense
  • Write in simple plain English that is easy to understand
  • Use appropriate vocabulary and carefully pick your words.
  • Limit your Wordiness

Assignments, especially essays, are usually marked by excess wordiness. If you approach writing assignments with the sole aim to reach the required word count, you will end up writing a poor-quality assignment that is long-winded and lacks sufficient analysis.

To avoid this, make sure you note the main points and the source material that you will use to back them. As such, you can compile sufficient concrete material to put together the information coherently to make sense of the assignment. Simply avoid random or unnecessary statements that don’t add value to your assignments.

  • Improver Structure

Regardless of the assignments you are writing, you must write it based on a standard format. So, what is the standard format? The standard format comes with;

  • The general idea – Introduction
  • The specific explanation – Main body
  • Back to the general idea – Conclusion
  • Do Your Research

Excellent academic writing is grounded in research and more research. Let’s say your assignment is on police brutality in your country, your professor won’t take your word for it. They will need to see evidence from different sources such as newspapers, publications as proof of such happening. If you argue that there are laws that safeguard against police brutality, proceed to mentioning and referencing such laws.

If you are using internet sources, consider using Google Scholar since it is a better search engine for academic papers. Desist from using Wikipedia and other non-scholarly sources.

  • Proofread and Edit Your Assignment

Proofreading and editing is the easiest stage most students skip. Once you have written your assignments, you tend to feel that you have done great work. Therefore, you rush through to catch one or two spelling or grammar mistakes before submitting it for grading.

Never do that. Proofreading and editing are a significant stage that should be taken with utmost care to ensure style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are well-done. It doesn’t matter how keen you were on your writing, you may have made a few mistakes unaware that can ruin the overall impression of your assignments.

Although you may rely on the help of your word processor’s grammar checking tool to pinpoint the mistakes, bear in mind that software can’t replace the human mind. Not even grammar will come in handy. You will have to carefully read through your assignment, word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph.

With this, you will spot any mistakes, such as unnecessary phrases and sentences that don’t add information where needed. Once you do this, you can then focus on proofreading to ensure the flow from one paragraph to another is flawless.

  • Use authentic and Sufficient Sources

If you want to improve your assignment writing skill, you must use enough sources that are dependable and relevant to the assignment topic. You can use books, journals, articles from the library, and authentic online sources.

If you are writing an undergraduate essay, you require about 6 sources, depending on your subject. If you settle for two sources, you will demonstrate sufficient research. Therefore, end up scoring average marks.

  • Check Your Tone

When you write an assignment, your instructor can tell your mood from the way you write. When writing assignments, you need to portray a more technical tone. You can do this by pinpointing facts, information, giving relevant examples, and case studies. Depending on the assignment topic, you can change your writing tone from technical to humor.

Without a doubt, assignment writing is not easy, but you can improve your skills through regular practice. The techniques listed above are a great strategy to start from. Now that you know what is needed, all you need is to invest the time and effort to take your writing assignment to the next level.

What is the Purpose of an Assignment?

In teaching, assignments are very crucial. Risk contends that the main purpose of an assignment is to teach students how to study. And as such, assignments should contribute materially to training students to this fact.

However, most students think that educational assignments play an insignificant role in their academic progress. Nonetheless, assignments are given to help students in self-study and clear their ambiguities or concepts regarding any discipline or educational aspect.

The main reason for assignments is to enhance the learning skills of students. It is true because students use their brains and therefore stand a chance to learn more. Besides, it is scientifically proven that assignments promote creativity in students since they learn more when they practice or study a concept or something on their own.

Therefore, the main reason for giving assignments to students is to provide them with practice exposure and knowledge enhancements of a subject. For instance, subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, programming languages require careful learning and regular practice of the subject to get higher marks and knowledge. After all, the more you practice, the more you get it right!

Assignment Editing

Assignment editing is evaluating and judging the content of an assignment. An assignment written to bring out new facts and information requires thorough editing to convey its content in a better coherent, and concise manner.

Are you struggling to edit your assignments after spending several hours researching and writing it? Well, our assignment editing services can come in handy to give you a break. Availing our assignment editing services, you get furnished with perfect ready content for your assignments that your professor will have no option but award you the best grade.

So, why should you hire us for your assignment editing services? Check out what we offer!

  • Expert editors who are well-versed and experienced in editing assignments, therefore, have the potential to check your assignment content, verify, and edit it to flow smoothly, coherently, and decisively.
  • Through proper proofreading, our team of editors will get the original, authentic, and relevant information on the assignment topic and capture it for proper logical flow.
  • Our assignment editing unravels the authenticity of the written information on the assignment topic.
  • Our editors engage different media to ensure you get exceptional editing services.
  • We have a team of professional editors and proofreaders who will ensure you get the best assignment editing services with in-depth information on the topic.

The other purpose of the assignment is:

  • Help develop writing skills: Assignment such as essay writing on a particular topic can help improve a student’s writing skills to a sufficient level. Besides, assignments allow students to express their thoughts creatively. With good writing skills and a better understanding of the assignment, a student can write an exceptional paper.
  • Enhance acquisition of knowledge of a subject: When students are asked to complete different assignments, they gain useful understanding and awareness of the subject. As such, assignments are a great source of learning and exploring new ideas regarding your subjects.
  • Proactive approach of preparation for exams: Assignments make students do some research regarding the assignment topic they are assigned. In the course of their research, they are indirectly getting prepared for exams. Students who take assignments seriously are in a better chance to score good grades in exams since the same or relates questions asked in assignments often come in exams.
  • Enhances research traits: Assignments play a significant role in developing exploring traits in students. With regular assignments, students can perfect the art of doing detailed research while expanding their knowledge base and the ability to think critically.
  • Enhance cognitive and analytical abilities: Assignments not only serves to increase and enhance the creative skills of students but also their thinking levels. Assignments provide new ideas and challenges to students, and therefore students utilize their brains to process new ideas to beat the challenges.
  • Enhance time management and organizing skills: just like other academic projects, assignments come with strict deadlines. Students are required to take their time to research, write the assignments, and submit it within the given deadline.

With regular writing of assignments, students can learn the art of time management and organizing skills since one needs

 to organizing on how to do the assignments and submit them within the required time.

Types of Assignments

At the college and university level, students must prepare to work on different types of assignments. Depending on your level of education, you will write various types of assignments that will determine the overall grade you score in your final year of graduation. Regardless, let’s see some of the assignments you may write during your academic journey.


Essays are assignments written on a specific discipline, topic, or issue. These essays are used by peers or academicians in their future research. Writing an essay assignment is pretty simple, as it follows a particular pattern. You will start with the introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction, you point out the main points while you discuss them in the body by providing supporting evidence and explanations. The conclusion is for summarizing the main points in the essay without introducing new evidence or arguments.

Should you have difficulty writing your essays, don’t worry. We can help you write a perfect essay with the help of your requirements. Wondering the types of essays we offer help? Well, below is your answer.

  • Analysis essay help
  • Persuasive essay help
  • Argumentative essay help
  • Expository essay help
  • Narrative essay help
  • Definition essay help
  • Deductive essay help
  • Classification essay help
  • Informal essay help
  • MBA essay help
  • Scholarship essay help
  • Admission essay help
  • Response essay help
  • Literature essay help
  • Critical essay help


A review is mainly a critical evaluation of literature, publication, or project that is composed using research methods. Reviews are done by peers and individuals from the professions that take interest in them. The main focus is on the purpose of the idea or concept and what it has achieved or not.

Review writing does not have any specific structures since it is more like a summary. Our team has helped thousands of students in writing impeccable review assignments on a variety of topics and issues. Should you need help with literature review or book review, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Case Study

A case study is an in-depth investigation done over a while and is related to a problem solution. Various disciplines are interested in case studies, so they are often given as assignments. A case study follows a strict format and structure that goes through different stages.

For instance, a case study identifies a problem and then works to find a solution. Most case studies form the basis of debates and discussions in college and university. However, the idea behind the writing of case studies is to test the applicability of a theory in a real-life situation so that students can derive direct knowledge from the situation.

Case studies are preferred in the fields of legal and management disciplines. As such, our team of expert writers has tailored case study help services in three major disciplines. These are:

  • Management case study help
  • Legal case study help
  • Nursing case study help

Should you need help in case study writing in any of these disciplines, our team of competent professional writers will offer you the best case study help!

Research Paper

Often, students are assigned research paper assignments in almost every institution of higher learning. Students are required to research on the topic given before putting the information on paper. The research paper assignment is aimed at helping students enhance their research skills while honing their analytical and logical abilities.

However, research paper writing requires great effort and patience. Therefore, should you lack these qualities but want excellent grades on your research paper, take our professional help service and rest easy knowing we got your back. What research papers do we offer help with?

The different research papers we offer help are:

  • Analytical research paper: Focuses mainly on an entirely new aspect of the topic. For instance, a non-contentious topic can be assigned as an analytical research paper.
  • Definition research paper: In this research paper, students are required to describe any facts or arguments then provide accurate information.
  • Argumentative research paper: In this research paper, students have to choose between three aspects of a contentious topic and support a specific perspective. The main aim of an argumentative research paper is to persuade the reader.
  • Compare and contrast research paper: The research paper is aimed at effectively analyzing and pointing out the differences and similarities between two theories, arguments, viewpoints, stories, or opinions.
  • Cause and effect research paper: This research paper deliberates on multiple consequences or effects of a situation or action. It offers an all-round overview of the effect action can have through evidence and powerful arguments.








Capstone project

Perhaps, capstone project writing could be the most challenging assignments in your university academic life. It requires the highest level of cognitive thinking, analytical interpretation, problem-solving, and efficient writing skills. Nonetheless, it forms the foundation for your professional career as a successful manager, engineer, nurse, entrepreneur, and more. Therefore, writing a capstone could be complex, stressful, and intriguing.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry or panic because we are here to help you out. We have a team of dedicated capstone project writers who will write your capstone project by strictly following your requirements and instruction.

Just tell us, “I need help with writing my capstone project,” and our professional capstone writers will embark on writing you the best capstone project. Bearing in mind how important capstone projects are, we will ensure your project is flawless and of high-quality to deliver the best grades that will crown your final year in your course.

It doesn’t matter the type of assignments you need help with. Just reach out, and we will be glad to help you write the best piece of assignment that will have a significant positive effect on your grade. Trust our expert writers, and you will see a change in your academic life!


Our skilled and expert assignment writers with adequate knowledge and training in thesis paper writing are up to the task to deliver you an impeccable thesis paper regardless of the topic. Our strength lies in delivering flawless and accurate thesis papers that will ultimately deliver you the best grades. As such, your search for an ideal thesis paper writing service ends with us!

At My Assignment Help, it is all about solving your dissertation issues so that you can have an exceptional dissertation paper to submit. For a complete dissertation, you have to write about 10,000 to 15,000 words on paper.

If you have time constraints, you won’t manage to complete and submit an impressive paper. That is why taking our dissertation writing services is a wise decision.  Our expert writers are proficient at dissertation writing and well-versed with different university formatting styles. As such, you will get a dissertation paper that matches every single of your requirements with no mistakes, ready for direct submission.

Types of Editing Services

The following as the editing services you can benefit from when you submit your assignments for editing with us:

  • Premium Copyediting

Premium copyediting is the most popular editing service we provide to our clients. It caters to the requirements of 1000s of our clients. For this service, your assignments go through a thorough review by our professional and dedicated assignment editors, where they incorporate reviews of spelling, punctuation, logic, grammar, structure, style, and consistency.

If you feel that Premium Copyediting is the service you need for your assignments, submit it for editing right away!

If you want your assignments to get more comprehensive and specialized editing, we offer the following services.

  • Substantive Editing

Substantive editing service is ideally an extension of the Premium Copyediting service. However, substantive editing extends its coverage to the basic language editing, refinement of assignment structure, logic, organization, and flow. As such, our professional editors dedicate the majority of the time to adapt and reword your assignment to improve clarity and validity. Though this service is not allowed for students, it is available to academic, government clients, and industry.

  • Heavy Editing

Heavy editing services are designed to help non-native English clients. However, it can help any client that requires deep-editing. Deep-editing comprises significant sentence rewording in their assignments. Moreover, it will include in-depth advice to mend the structure and overall organization of the assignment while reviewing the statements that require extra support.

Contact us via email, and we are readily available to provide you with more information about our editing services as well as offer you a customized quotation.


If you don’t need language and structural editing for your assignment don’t worry. You can benefit from exceptional proofreading services to ensure the content of your assignments flows consistently and polished to a precision. Get our top-notch proofreading services by emailing us your assignment document, and rest easy as our professional proofreaders will polish your assignments to perfection.

Tailor-Made Services

Besides editing and proofreading, we also cater to some more specific academic editing requests, such as helping you convert your assignment document into a different form. For instance, we can help convert your journal article or a conference presentation. Reach our customer support desk with specific instructions, so we can determine the kind of help you need as well as give you an appropriate quotation.

Online Class Help

Thousands of students come to our online class help services every semester with the plea of “take my online class.” The good news is that we never turn them away! Our online class takers will work to deliver you quality results in your online class throughout the semester. Many factors set us apart from our competitors. Some of them include the dedication of our support staff, the expertise of our tutors, and many years of handling online classes.

As such, there is no reason not to reach out to us for our services. Moreover, we promise a 100% money-back guarantee if we don’t deliver the grades we promise. And what do we promise? We promise straight As or Bs! So don’t compromise anything less than this from our online class help services.

“Can I pay someone to do my online class?’’

That is true. Getting online class help with us is pretty simple. All you need is to email our customer support desk and share your course details and requirements. We will work to get started in the shortest time possible. It doesn’t matter the course you take, will offer you the best deal that is sure to beat any service you will find in the online course help industry.

When you pay us to take your online class, we immediately instruct our expert tutors who specialized in your subject area. Our tutors have the highest qualifications, so you can be sure to benefit from the best online class takers. So if you have challenges finding someone to take your online class, trust us, and we will deliver you the best results.

Is it Easy for your Tutors to Take my Online Course?

Yes! We have professional tutors who have specialized in different subjects to provide top-notch online class services.  With many years of experience taking online classes, there is no online class we cannot handle.

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“Will your Tutors Plagiarize if you Take My Online Course?”

Certainly not! We understand the damage that plagiarism can cause you academic life. As such, we ensure the information we provide in your classes is authentic and original. Besides, we give credit to other authors whenever we use their content. So, expect 100% original content.

Apart from delivering original content, we write and submit a well-referenced and cited, and as such, you never get into trouble with your professor. Moreover, we tailor all your online class assignments according to the instruction and requirements are given. As such, you can trust us with your online classes and get top-notch grades.

We believe that online class help should be genuine and legitimate. For this reason, we have strict plagiarism policies. The assignments we write in your online class is double-checked through plagiarism software to ensure it is clean.

How much can I pay someone to take my Online Class?

We pride in providing the most affordable online class services across the industry. Regardless, we equally provide the best quality of service for you to progress to the next level. So, it doesn’t matter how much you have budgeted for your online class, contact us today, and we will accommodate your budget.

Our writers will work with you and not against you. Better yet, we will break down your quote into multiple payment payments throughout the semester so that you have a flexible payment plan. Get in touch and get the best online class help that works for you!

The Structure of an Assignment

Most students in institutions of higher learning often spend more time on writing the main body of assignment than in structuring. The result is that professors are bored by your assignments that are rich in details but lack coherence and structure.

When you structure your essay well, you can highlight the main points and present the arguments in a clear and precise manner. So, how can you structure your assignments in a way to have a clear and coherent follow of the main points?

How to Structure an Assignment?

Many disciplines require different kinds of structures, and some follow the same structure. However, whichever your assignment, you can summarize the structure in the following manner.

All assignments are structured at least into three parts. These are the introduction, main body, and conclusion.


When writing an introduction, it is advisable to write a convincing one to capture and retain the attention of the reader. You can use either a deductive style or an inductive style.

  • Deductive Style

A deductive style is one that you move from general to specific through a process known as deduction. It follows a top-down approach, in which you start with a general introduction and then move to a specific issue or problem.

For instance, ‘since there is a lot of traffic congestion in the morning on my way to the office, I must leave my house at least two hours before to reach my office at ten o’clock.

We use the general observation, “heavy traffic congestion’’ to deduce an early exit from home to arrive in the office on time.

  • Inductive Style

An inductive style of writing is one where you move from a specific issue to a general one. It is a bottom-up approach in which specific points lead up to a general conclusion.

For instance, I must leave my house at least two hours before to reach my office at ten o’clock. There is a lot of traffic congestion in the morning on my way to the office.

We use specific information “my early exit from home” to support a general observation. You can use either an inductive or deductive style when writing the introduction of your assignment.

Main Body

In this part, you discuss all your research findings. You must demonstrate your complete understanding of the topic assignment. Although there are no specific ways to structure the main body for all subjects, you can still keep the following three things in mind when writing your assignment.

  • Stick to the main points
  • Analyze the main points rather than describing them
  • Don’t deviate from the main points highlighted in the introduction.


In the conclusion section, your main aim is to summarize the main point you discussed in the main body. Remind the reader of the main arguments and point out their intervention and where they differ from the existing literature on the discipline.

How to Conclude an Assignment?

For most students, once they write the introduction and the main body, the careless about writing an effective conclusion. Often, it is because they are already exhausted and want to do away with the assignment as soon as possible. However, this is a big mistake that ends up costing such students huge marks. The importance of writing an effective conclusion cannot be underestimated, especially when it contributes a lot to the overall presentation of the assignment. As such, here is how to conclude your assignment?

  • Size

The size of your assignment determines how to conclude. A conclusion should not be more than 10% of your total word count. If you have 1000 words assignment, conclude it with 90 words. This will prevent readers from being overloaded when reading the conclusion.

  • Summarize without copying the previous sentences

The aim of concluding is to summarize the assignment’s main points. Be sure to briefly mention the main arguments that you discussed in the body. Be as concise as possible when writing your conclusion.

  • Emphasize what you have achieved

Every assignment has a goal to be achieved. As such, make sure to demonstrate the goal is achieved. Dedicate a few sentences for demonstrating your achievement or how the assignment is written effectively.

  • Point out the impact of your findings on future research

Talk about how valuable your findings and insights could be for future academicians. Mention how the assignment findings could assist the reader.

Strategies for Writing an Effective Conclusion

  • Address your thesis

The thesis is the main essence of any assignment as you keep proving it in every paragraph. The conclusion section emphasizes the thesis statement by effectively connecting it to the introduction and the entire assignment content.

  • Provide Closure

Make the final sentence truly final. Ensure you explain everything conclusively by offering advice for future research.

  • Be fair

In case you experienced some limitations when writing your assignment, address them. Desist from being too hard on yourself and show how you are an objective researcher.

Concluding strategies that do not Work

  • Beginning a conclusion with unnecessary or overused phrases like in conclusion, in summary, in closing, or as shown in the essay.
  • Stating the thesis for the very first time
  • Introducing new ideas or a subtopic in the conclusion
  • Making emotional or sentiment appeals, which are out of character with the rest of the paper
  • Including evidence such as quotations, statistics, etc, which should appear in the body part of the assignment.

Need a Little Extra Help in Writing an Assignment Effectively?

You have come to the right place. We have a team of expert writers who specialize in your subject area. They can write you write assignments effectively by tailoring it to your exact instructions and requirements. Contact us today to find out more or get top-notch assignment help from the experts!

How to Write an Assignment Effectively?

Assignments contribute heavily to the overall grade in your course. Therefore, you need to write assignments with the utmost care. Without a doubt, writing assignments effectively can be challenging for students at different lengths. Nonetheless, nothing is impossible if you put in time and effort into it and writing assignments efficiently is not an exception.

Regardless of your level of education, you can write assignments effectively whenever they are assigned. With efficient skills and good knowledge of the subject matter, you can write assignments effectively without a hassle. Without much ado, let’s look at some of the tips on how to write assignment effectively.


When you plan your assignment will help you get focused and accurately keep you on track to writing assignments effectively. So, what do you need when planning?

  • Check how much time you need for your assignment and the percentage of the final score for it. With this, you can determine how much time you will schedule for it.
  • Check the assignment rubric to see what your professor will be looking for when grading your assignment and perhaps how the marks are assigned. It will help you to focus on where marks are awarded the most. But if there is no rubric, you can scan through the assignment questions to see whether you can find the information there.
  • Moreover, think about the materials and sources you will need for the successful completion of your assignment. For example, what research, writing drafts, reference checking, reviewing, and editing. Be sure to give each task a deadline, preferably working backward from your assignment’s due date.

Analyze the Question

Don’t rush to write the answer to your question just yet. Before you answer the question, first, know what the questions mean. Read the assignment carefully, and understand what it expects you to do. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the question about? What is the topic?
  • What does the question mean?
  • What do I have to do?

To get a better understanding of the question, you can rewrite the question in your own words.  For instance, in the following format, ‘This assignment is about ____ I have to ____.’

When analyzing the question, the following questions will guide you:

Check out for instructional words that tell you what to do. For example, compare, analyze contrast, and more.

  • Check for the meaning of the words used.
  • Check for the topic words that will point you to what you have to write.
  • Check for restricting words that limit you to the topic and make it more specific.

Check for additional information about your assignment and what it expects you in the subject or module materials.

When finding something about your assignment on the course page or in a subject forum, be sure to save a copy of it for reference. Save all the information you gather on the assignment topic to find it easy to access it from one central place once you start writing.

Draft an Outline

Drafting an outline for your assignment gives you a precise structure to follow when it comes to writing. However, check the question on the rubric to understand what your professor expects in terms of assignment structure.

Your assignment has to have what must be included in every section so that you get maximum marks in those sections. Sections of your assignment should be divided by clear headings. Without a doubt, most of the assignments you will encounter will be essays, and as such, this is the basic structure to follow:

  • Introduction

This is the section where you introduce the topic as well as the main points. You only need to explain the purpose of the assignment and the intended outcome or findings.  It is best to write your introduction last because this is the time you know what to include and what not to. The introduction part takes 10% of the assignment.

  • Body

This is the section of the assignment that you do all the discussion of the main points. This section is divided into paragraphs for each main point. When writing your paragraphs, ensure you start with the topic sentence stating the main idea, followed by supportive evidence and examples. You can draft topic sentences in your draft as well as outline what you want to include in every section.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion takes about 10% of the assignment. It briefly restates your main argument and evaluates the topic’s main ideas, and summarizes them. You don’t introduce new ideas in the conclusion section, only make conclusions on the already discussed main points while affirming the thesis of your assignment.

Find Information

Before writing your assignment, you need to have enough information on the topic. You can get information by researching your assignment topic and gather all the relevant and reliable information. Research your information from your course materials and recommended readings.


With the information now in your hands, the next step is to evaluate it to make sure it is perfect for your assignment. You can start by writing drafts:

  • With the outline, fill it by writing your main points for each section.
  • Write with a free mind while getting way down without worrying about the wording of the assignment being 100% correct.
  • Write the introduction last when you know everything about the topic and what you have written.
  • Don’t dwell on making the draft perfect, and save your energy for later.

Fine Tune the Draft

  • Once you finish writing your draft and leave it to rest for some time before you start revising it. Check if it makes sense and includes all that is needed.
  • Fine-tune the sentence structure and wording and ensure it flows smoothly.
  • Keep some copies of the draft for reference purposes in the future.
  • Let the writing rest at least for a day and fine-tune it again.
  • Put together your bibliography or reference list.

Edit and Proofread

After writing your assignment, you can improve it by editing and proofreading. However, you have to do this after a break from writing. The breaks will help you look at your assignment with a fresh eye. When editing and proofreading keep in mind the following:

  • Have you answered the assignment question? You can check this against the assignment rubric and see whether you have answered fully the question.
  • Is the structure of the assignment correct?
  • Does the assignment have all the required parts e.g title page, introduction, conclusion, reference list e.t.c?
  • Is the content coherent and logically arranged?
  • How does your assignment flow? Is each section flowing smoothly on to the next? Consider reading it aloud to find out how it flows.
  • Have you acknowledged other author’s sources? Is it plagiarism-free?
  • Is your overall presentation of the assignment correct?

Check the Following in Details

  • The use of academic language
  • Check grammar errors, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Never use a spell checker but check it yourself.
  • Check the structure and formatting, whether the style of reference is correct.
  • Number the assignment correctly.
  • Whether you have included your name, student ID, assignment details, and date.

To ensure you have edited and proofread your assignment well, ask a friend, classmate, or family member to proofread it. They may see a few mistakes that you failed to spot during your editing. You can iron out these mistakes to leave your assignment sparkling clean. Consider printing it out and go through it once more before submitting it. Often, it is easier to spot errors and mistakes in print than on screen.

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