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Canadian parents feel kids are getting way too much homework. Are they right? Canadian kids spend roughly six hours each week on homework. In comparison, Chinese students see about 14 hours of after-school assignments. That means Canadian students like you face 133 per cent less homework every week. Does this realization make your homework situation feel any different? That assignment on the table isn’t going to complete itself. You’ve got to handle it NOW. Use a little Canadian assignment help if you want. Get the job done.

Do After-school Assignments Provide Any Value?

A growing number of teachers and parents in Canada would like to see homework banned. Why would parents want to fight homework when it benefits their kids? Members of this growing movement against after-school assignments likely don’t think homework provides much value.

But what do researchers think? Homework doesn’t help every student the same way. For elementary kids, after-school assignments don’t provide academic benefits.

Studies also indicate that struggling students get overwhelmed by homework. And high achievers might find after-school assignments boring. It gets worse. Homework can increase family conflict. Besides, kids have less time for extracurricular activities. Maybe Canada should ban homework. Meanwhile, consider using a little Canada assignment help.

Research Shows Reading Helps

Researchers think students should commit to daily reading. Reading not only increases academic achievement but also supports learning. But research seems to favor self-directed learning based on projects of interest. Such learning gives students a positive educational experience while keeping them motivated.  Maybe teachers should stop assigning homework. Instead, they should encourage self-learning at home. Want to use a little Canada assignment help?

One Math Teacher STOPPED Assigning Homework

David Martin’s math class was like any other math class. Students sat at their desks, trying to solve math problems. Martin did what math teachers do when their class ends — he assigned homework.

Sadly, this teacher only managed to get around five per cent of the learners excited about math. Even worse, the drop-out rate hovered around 40 per cent. Martin also noted that homework overwhelmed weak students while strengthening high achievers. Here’s what the concerned math teacher did — he STOPPED assigning homework!

What Martin Did After Discontinuing Take-home Work

After three years, Martin’s class looked a whole lot different. Students no longer had to solve six or seven problems in class. Instead, they focused on one or two relatively harder problems. These problems required students to use their critical thinking skills. No schoolwork went home. What happened? The class drop-out rate dropped from 40 per cent to just five per cent! Don’t you think Canada needs more teachers like Martin?

Do you struggle with homework? Do you feel the government should ban homework? The Canadian government might ban after-school assignments someday. For now, you should complete that assignment. Have you ever consulted Canada assignment help providers about homework? You might want to explore that idea. You can find HELP here.