Dissertation Topics in Law

Coming up with a great topic for a law dissertation can turn out to be quite hectic, particularly if you have many ideas running in your mind. There are a number of questions to ask yourself before you settle on a topic for your law research paper. These questions include:

  1. What is the main reason are you writing the paper?
  2. Is the topic viable and does it allow one to do an extensive study?
  3. Which specific areas in law do you have an interest in researching on?
  4. Which is strategy are you going to use in having your topic fit in a particular law scenario?
  5. Will it be possible to get a good number of references on the topic you are choosing?

Now having gotten a clue on what you need to know before you choose a topic, you might now be thinking about how you will get a good topic. It is not easy to generate the best ideas for a law dissertation topic. However, thanks to the internet. It has provided students with an opportunity to get nice research topics in different fields. Below is a sample of the most recent dissertation topics in law.

  1. The contribution of privacy rights in the growth of media

It is believed that the freedom of media highly depends on the protection of the media personalities’ privacy. This study seeks to discuss the main role of protecting the privacy of media personnel in promoting the growth of media. The paper will involve citing different strategies that are employed in protecting media personnel privacy rights, and their corresponding benefits.

  1. How intellectual property law influences the existence of an organization

Protection of intellectual property is a practice that is highly regarded since it helps in safeguarding authors, innovators, and inventors ideas. Therefore, intellectual property law is very crucial in affecting the performance within any organization. This research will aim at identifying the impact of intellectual property legislation on the organization’s productivity and hence its existence.

  1. An analysis of the strength of patent rights in the UK: Case Study

The stronger the laws that protect certain rights, the lesser the number of violations on such laws. When a law gives no room for it to be compromised, then the protected parties will enjoy superiority. The aim of this paper will be to assess the strength of UK patent rights in protecting the concerned parties.

  1. Does the cyber law uphold neutrality in the use of the internet

Cybercrimes deny some individuals or parties the freedom they seek when using the internet. This is due infringement to a number of rights in the event of an occurrence of a cybercrime. Through this research, it will be determined whether cyberlaw promotes neutrality to users of a network/internet.

  1. An assessment of whether capital punishment regards human dignity

The capital punishment law approves punishment by death for certain offenses. However, questions have been arising on whether capital punishment is quite a necessary ‘reward’ for the crimes it is meant for. Additionally, human rights activists argue that this form of punishment overlooks the respect for humankind. This paper will be evaluating whether there is enough evidence to conclude that capital punishment respects humankind and regards ethics, and hence should be retained.

  1. A case study on evaluating the extent of protection of the rights of prisoners to vote

This study will focus on assessing whether the legal provision for prisoners to vote is sufficiently protected. Following this study, recommendations will be given on how the laws that support the voting for inmates can be strengthened.

  1. Impact of the legalization of abortion on mortality rates

Abortion has been legalized in many countries but the moral question has remained “should abortion be really legalized?” The objective of this study will be to assess the statistics on whether following the legalization of abortion the mortality rates have remained the same.

  1. The role of law in the promotion of fair employment in the US

Despite the fact that the notion of fairness in the job market should be assumed in every organization, some employers still overlook that. That happens mainly where there is no strict legal control over employment. The dissertation will entail an analysis of the contribution of the legislation governing employment on the fairness in the job market.

  1. A critical study on how national law and international law differ

The application of a similar law in the international and nation settings is bound to differ across different countries. There are a number of factors that can lead to such a scenario and this paper seeks to expound on that. Evidence will be provided on what causes the differences between the application of national and international laws.

  1. Analyzing the role of legislation in curbing the recurrence of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a crime that is becoming very prevalent in the present days and so the legal systems need to be very vigilant in dealing with this social evil. Stricter measures need to be put for those who are found guilty of propagating this evil. This research will be aiming at discussing the critical role of the legal systems in preventing the recurrence of the domestic violence acts.

These are among the most trending law dissertation paper topics that you can consider for your paper. However, you may still be feeling that the area of your interest is not covered in the above outlined topics. You have no reason to worry since we have professionals that are always ready to help clients in writing topics that best fit their area of interest.

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