Top 10 Dissertation Topics

Choosing a dissertation topic can be challenging. And choosing the wrong one can mean grappling with a complicated project. A project that is too difficult will torment you for the next few months or years. And the final paper leaves you feeling you could have done better. Choosing a suitable project to handle can be a little daunting. We have decided to create a list of the top 10 dissertation topics to make the process easier for you. The topics come from diverse disciplines.

Top 10 Dissertation Topics

Nursing Dissertation Topics

There are many areas you can consider as a nursing or medicine student. Clinical management, occupational health, mental health, healthcare, public health, midwifery, and occupational health are some of the areas you can choose. It means you can select a variety of topics from each field of study. Well, you are not going to be picking all of them, are you? And you came here because you were looking for straightforward answers.  Here is a suggested topic: Clinical Management of Patients Suffering from Cardiovascular Disease and High Blood Pressure. Such a topic confines you to a narrow area of study, helping you to stay focused.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

There are several areas on which to base your topic. Look at subject areas such as consumer psychology, marketing mix, marketing ethics, online marketing, relationship marketing, and mobile marketing. From all these topics, choose a suitable topic depending on your interests. Let us assume you have decided to get your topic from relationship marketing. There are more than ten topics you can choose. To help you and save you time, we have a suggestion. Consider studying this topic: How Do Retailers Handle their Customer’s Polygamous Buying Behavior?

Hospitality Dissertation Topics

Finding a suitable hospitality dissertation topic can be challenging. A topic that considers current issues affecting the hospitality industry can be an excellent place to start. Some of the subjects you could depend on for good dissertation topics are ecotourism, travel, domestic tourism, and inbound tourism. Ecotourism is a subject that captivates people with interest in social and ecological concerns. Many viable topics arise from an area such as ecotourism. It is a matter of where your interest lies. A suitable topic could be: How has Ecotourism Influenced Consumer Behavior Globally.

Psychology Dissertation Topics

Your dissertation in psychology should aim at contributing original knowledge. Base your study on credible existing research to demonstrate a clear understanding of relevant issues. Attempt to address a knowledge gap in the research literature covering your area of interest. Some of the areas you can look at are social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and the psychology of personality. Assume you have chosen to research cognitive psychology. What kind of topics do you have in mind? We suggest this topic: Plasticity Limits of the Adult Human Brain.

Science Dissertation Topics

Your aim is to examine existing facts and squeeze out essential information that you can use in various ways. There are multiple areas upon which you can build your study. Some of them are neuroscience, nanotechnology, immunology, biochemistry, diseases, and pharmacology. Suppose you have opted to look at a topic in the area of diseases and pathogens.  There are several topics you can consider. For example: Is Biopsy necessary in Diagnosing Fibroadenoma?

Philosophy, Religion, and Theology Dissertations

No professor needs you to come up with new theories in the area of religious studies. That said, they expect you to research extensively and add to the body of theological knowledge already in existence. There are several areas you can give some consideration. These are world religions, religious mythology, philosophy of religion, and religion in the contemporary world.  One area that can generate a lot of interest is “religion in the modern world.” Your paper might question the relevance of a particular faith to modern-day challenges. “Where is the Place of Christianity in Modern-day living?” is a good topic.

Bitcoin Dissertation Topics

Mention cryptocurrencies and you get everyone’s attention everywhere. Many have not yet figured out what it is all about, but they are still interested. Others know what it is and how the related block chain technology works. Naturally, they want to know the latest on the digital currency. Millions believe the cryptocurrency is collapsing soon. Writing a bitcoin dissertation on it would certainly draw the attention of the academic community. You can research a topic such as “Are Cryptocurrencies the World’s Biggest Bubble?”

Literature Dissertation Topics

A literature dissertation allows you to showcase your critical thinking and excellent writing skills in the world of academia. It is much longer than the typical essay. It gives you have an opportunity to explore a particular text to explain its importance and relationship to existing literary movements. Such a dissertation might mean you examine ideas related to various art forms such as psychology, philosophy, religion and so on. Some of the areas you could look at are children’s literature, twentieth-century literature, and eighteenth-century literature among other areas. Assume you have chosen children’s literature.  Consider a topic such as the “The Importance of Animals in Children’s Literature.”

Dissertation Topics Regarding Russian Involvement in Elections

Isn’t that what everyone in the United States and beyond has talked about for months? A dissertation on such a matter is sure to draw interest among the academic community. At least, you can be sure people into politics will find it interesting, provided you make it so. It is not just about the United States. It is about how a foreign entity can affect the democratic process relating to another sovereign state. “What Role has Social Media Played in Russia’s Involvement in Elections” is a worthy dissertation topic.

Choosing a dissertation topic you are interested in is critical. Picking an overly difficult area or one you have little interest in can throw a spanner in the works. Ensure you select an area that draws the attention of others, too. There is no point researching an obscure area that no one in your department or elsewhere cares about. Once you have a suitable topic, go ahead and demonstrate your researching and writing skills.

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