Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

So you’re currently taking your capstone class for your bachelor’s degree in psychology. Now, you seek topic suggestions so that you don’t end up spending an eternity reading journal articles for topic ideas. Of course, you have your favorite subjects such as addiction and abnormal psychology. It’s just that you’re not sure you can hammer out 15 pages from the material you have seen. Luckily, you have landed on the right page. Here, you will find several viable psychology capstone project ideas so that you can focus on what matters most: writing your capstone paper.

The Nature of a Psychology Capstone Project

A capstone project is a capstone project, but a capstone project in psychology may differ from others in certain ways. Most other capstone projects may require junior or senior-year students to develop an idea that leads to a tangible result. However, a psychology capstone project may simply require you to write up a research paper and present it either on campus or off-campus. In most schools, what you research varies with the psychology professor’s particular interests and style. Generally, though, a psychology capstone project involves extensive researching and writing a literature review.

In addition, a psychology capstone project consists of building an experimental method. Besides, it demands accurate data collection and analysis. Finally, you will need to write a final paper formatted in APA style. You will also have to present the findings. All this may not seem to have anything to do with why you are here, but it matters. Don’t worry. You are soon going to get the psychology capstone project ideas we promised.

Thinking up Good Psychology Capstone Project Ideas Can be Challenging

Writing a research paper or capstone paper in psychology is tough, but generating viable ideas may seem even harder. But the truth is there are hundreds of places where you can find inspiration for your project. Finding an interesting, significant topic to research is where the psychology capstone journey starts. The problem with a psychology research or capstone paper is that getting topic ideas is too easy! You’ve likely thought, “You guys must be out of your freaking minds!”

But wait; we can explain. Psychology is such a broad field that you can come up with hundreds of ideas at a time. That is what makes selecting a suitable psychology capstone project topic challenging. We have sorted a few psychology capstone project ideas for you to help you jumpstart the capstone writing process.

Here are 18 viable capstone ideas for your psychology capstone project:

  1. Is there a Link Between Watching Television and Obesity?
  2. Dating Among American Youth: Unmasking the Growing Concern of Teenage Violence
  3. Does Sexting Affect Behavioral Development in Teenagers?
  4. A Psychological Dissection of Stress: Causes, Symptoms, and Control
  5. Suicidal Tendencies: How Parents Can Help Suicidal Teens
  6. Analyzing Capital Punishment of Sex Offenders
  7. Understanding How Environment Affects Personality Development
  8. Is There a Link Between Mental Illness and Aging?
  9. Managing Human Emotion: Does Mood Freezing Research Demonstrate That People are Better Able to Control Emotions than Previously Believed?

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  1. Self-Affirmations and the Achievement of Personal Goals
  2. Is Mind-Wandering an Effective Way of Solving Daily Problems Contrary to Popular Opinion?
  3. How Does Affect Heuristic Influence Rationality?
  4. Child Obesity in the United States: the Decline of Responsible Parenting in America
  5. Does Narcissism in Mothers Affect the Mental Well-being of Children?
  6. Is Happiness a Desired End in All Cultures?
  7. Does Relationship Churning Predict Relationship Abuse?
  8. Is There a Relationship Between Stress and Preterm Delivery?
  9. Understanding the Negative Effects of Abortion on the Mental Health of Mothers

You love psychology. That is why you probably chose to major in it. For you, thinking up interesting topics to research and build your capstone project on is likely easy and fun. And now that we have just given you a nice list of psychology capstone project ideas, you have no reason to delay action.

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Psychology Capstone Project Ideas

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