Capstone Project Ideas High School

Capstone project ideas High schoolYou’re in your final year in high school. It’s time for your senior capstone project. How does the idea make you feel? Excited but a little intimidated, perhaps? You can handle it, or they wouldn’t have included it in the curriculum. The senior capstone project offers you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned over the last four years. The project encourages you to extend your learning and stretch your potential. Few things challenge your abilities the way the senior capstone does. Have you chosen a topic you’d like to study, yet? Finding a suitable topic isn’t always easy. It can be confusing and challenging. That’s why we wrote this.

Capstone Project Ideas High School: Here’s the List:

  • Classical music and cognitive tasks
  • How to Make Ice-cream: Lowering Water’s Freezing Point
  • Gas Volume at Varying Temperatures: Charles’ Law
  • Middle School Science Tests: Can Adults Pass?
  • Finding the Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking
  • Calculating Earth’s Circumference
  • Burning Calories: The amount of Energy Stored in Different Food Types
  • Flocculation: Cleaning up Drinking Water
  • Avoiding Disaster: Designing Safe Bridges
  • Measuring Small Resistances: 2-point and 4-point Methods
  • The Science of Aquaponics: Fish and Food
  • How to Motorize a Robot’s Hand
  • Conserving Water at Home: Using a Soil Moisture Sensor to Monitor Plants
  • How Arm Length or Counterweight Mass of a Trebuchet Affects projectile Distance
  • Improving Generator Output by Manipulating Magnets
  • How to Create a Stronger Truss through a Better Design Process
  • Measuring Magnetic Fields
  • Using Light to Measure Vibrational Frequency
  • Saving Planet Earth: Converting Oil into Clean Fuel
  • Multitasking: Efficiency Boost or Energy Drain
  • Water Conservation: Piaget’s Theory
  • Making Patterns with Rubik’s Cube
  • Magnetic Levitation: Experiments with Anti-magnets

What other senior capstone project ideas high school do you have? Hopefully, our little list got you thinking and jotting down ideas fast as they popped into your mind. There’s no reason you shouldn’t present a project that gets you recognized.

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