Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

It’s been a long journey. You have endured many sleepless nights. You’ve studied hard over the past four years. You may have written endless assignments and tests. Now, the end is in sight. But don’t relax, yet. You’ve got to give your senior capstone all you’ve got. What, specifically, do you want to do? You’re likely going to complete an Evidence-based Project. You could develop new ways to contain the spread of infections that defy treatment within a healthcare setting. You could also devise better ways to organize staffing. Don’t worry even if you’ve not selected something specific. A practising professional will likely guide you as you build your project. And that should be encouraging in some way.

What a Nursing Capstone Project Attempts to Achieve

The completion of your nursing school senior capstone displays your ability to develop an evidence-based analysis of a clinical problem in a clinical setting. The project is an opportunity to demonstrate your awareness of the importance of nursing to modern healthcare.

Also, the project allows you to showcase your ability to articulate the various issues the healthcare industry faces today. A successful nursing senior capstone demonstrates your ability to perform both educational and administrative functions. Your senior capstone might turn out to be the single most significant endeavor in your college career.

A Nursing Capstone Focuses on Addressing an Identifiable Problem

Nursing is a technical field. Technical fields favor projects that aim to address real problems affecting a particular industry. The senior nursing school capstone is often an intensive and demanding process. Its success relies on how well you can analyze and use empirical evidence to resolve a specific clinical issue. You want to show your teachers and potential employers you can think on your feet.

A well-developed project displays your ability to bring your practical experience to bear upon critical problems in various healthcare settings. Enough of why you must take your nursing school senior capstone with the seriousness it deserves.

Here’s a list of 33 Nursing Capstone Project Ideas Students Might Consider:

  • Modern Diagnostic Tests
  • Effect of Nurse-to-Patient Ratio on Patient Satisfaction
  • Motivating Nursing Resource
  • Developing a Stress Release Plan for Stressed-out Nurses
  • The Effect of Shift Work on the Productivity of Nurses
  • The Effect of Shift Work on Quality of Nursing Care
  • Nurse: Patient Ratio: The Effects on Job Satisfaction
  • Finding the Optimal Mix of New Nurses and Experienced Nurses
  • Improving Doctor-Nurse Relations
  • Conflict Resolution within Healthcare Settings
  • Systems Security: Protecting Patient Information
  • Developing Patient Identification Software
  • Implementing Emergency Narcan in Schools
  • Point-of-Care Testing: The Benefits
  • Medical Technologies Revolutionizing Healthcare
  • Cutting-edge Therapies for Autism
  • Providing Healthcare for Students Living in Poverty: Examining the School Nurse’s Role as the Main Healthcare Provider
  • Head Injury in School Settings
  • Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Helping New Nursing School Students Develop Their Critical Thinking Schools Using Concept Maps
  • Factors Influencing Breastfeeding Decisions Made by Mothers
  • Cutting-edge Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Obstacles Impending Cutting-edge Treatment
  • Proper Technique for Administering Intramuscular Injections
  • Promoting Mental Health Among Students: The Role of School Nursing
  • Nursing Shortage: A Review
  • Critical Care Pharmacology
  • Surgical Therapies
  • Cutting-edge Therapies for Pediatric Cancers
  • Implementing a Patient-Centered Staffing Approach
  • Teen Pregnancy: The Role of School Nursing
  • Finding the Balance: Medication vs. Comfort Measures
  • Schools with Playground Equipment and Schools without Playground Equipment: Comparing the Injury Rates
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Nursing Capstone Project Ideas


We’re sure you now can choose a topic you’d like to study. We prepared this list of capstone project ideas for nursing to give you a starting point. We know you’ll end up with a project you can handle right given your competence. Whatever problem you choose to investigate, do the best job you can.

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