Business Capstone Project Ideas

Your business capstone project is usually a two-semester commitment that places you on a project that aligns with your skills and preference. Often, you’ll work in a team comprised of five or more other students. If you’re studying a business problem a sponsor or client wants addressed, you’ll typically have someone from that organization guiding you.

Such a person serves as a mentor who offers project advice. The mentor also provides project context while assisting you in terms of getting access to data and other resources. So, what business capstone project ideas have you looked at? You want to examine a couple of them to see if one of them moves you in some way.

Capstone Projects Focus on Real-world or Actual Business Challenges

The senior capstone focuses on real-world challenges and business problems. It is best to be on a team that intends to address a specific problem presented by a real business. After all, that’s what you’ll do after graduation — solving problems.

The senior capstone aims to transition you from your college career to a real-world career in the business world. Government agencies, NGOs, companies, startups, advocacy groups, and educational institutions are often willing to sponsor seniors. Sponsors hope that your business capstone project ideas will help them solve their problems.

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Types of Business Capstone Projects

A capstone project is a results-oriented process that culminates in a product, a new method, process, approach, service or policy. Stop for a moment and think about all the activities that take place in actual businesses. Mergers, acquisitions, hiring, firing, procurement, marketing, advertisement, and training. Each activity or aspect of business management presents you with different ideas for your capstone project.

Your senior capstone might analyze an acquisition, merger, or divestiture. Your study might also model or analyze the intellectual property, equipment, or investments. You may also research proto-type development or perform a market analysis of new, innovative technology. Your project might also offer advice regarding bringing a new technology, service, or product to the market. Or your project might analyze different strategic options, making informed recommendations.

  • Using Gamification Strategies to Promote “Green Behavior”
  • Developing Management Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Investing in “Green Behavior”
  • Social Entrepreneurship and “Green Behavior”
  • Planning and Execution of Signature Awareness and Fundraising Events
  • Employing User Experience Expertise and Marketing in Supporting Technology Startups
  • Effect of Technology Applications on Controlled Environment Farming
  • Deconstructing the Capital Structure of a Corporation
  • Creating an Active Retail ETF Product
  • Devising and Pricing a Marketing Strategy
  • Evaluating Hedge Fund Managers
  • Assessing Governance Models in Hedge Fund Management
  • Planning and Modeling a Public Equity Portfolio
  • Analyzing a Private Equity Investment
  • Leveraging New Sustainable Investment Options
  • Business Cash Flow Improvement
  • Effect of Internal Promotions on Business Performance on the Departmental Level
  • Workplace Ethics: Analysis of a Small Business
  • Increasing Employee Productivity
  • Choosing Between Internal Promotion and External Recruiting
  • Bosses and Leaders: Analyzing the Startup Success
  • Effective Corporate Management: Effect of Leadership Training
  • Effect of Pay Raise on Employee Productivity in a Small Business
  • Measuring Mobile Phone Use and Its Effects on Business Performance in a Small Local Business
  • Business Profit and Cash Flow: Managing a Small or Medium-sized Business
  • Mentoring Generation Y in the Technology Industry
  • Business Sustainability: Methods and Results
  • Personal Opinions in the Modern Workplace: Effect on Other Employees
  • Delegating Responsibility to Increase Productivity
  • Improving Employee-Manager Relations: Effect of Productive Conversation
  • Local Customization and Global Standardization: Managing a Growing Business
  • Effect of Employee Growth on Individual Job Performance
Business Capstone Project Ideas

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