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Case conceptualization is a term used in presenting a problem to formulate an appropriate plan to develop a hypothesis or treatment. Below, in this case we see a Colombian family migrating into the United States and going through transitions that disrupt the functioning of the family.

A process approach to the Gonzalez family focuses on how they do the family over their struggles and the transition they are undergoing. Their movement to a new country and the experiences of cultural tensions provides the ground for family conflicts through the personal identification dilemmas which each family member is undergoing. They are breaking away from what the family used to function in Columbia. There is a need for the family to address these issues openly and with clarity.

From a developmental point of view, Maria is in the adolescent stage desiring individual identity. The mother and father are in adulthood and the middle marriage differences. Elena is also approaching adolescence but her transition and adjusting has been easy. Juanita is the baby and has no problem as she gets along with everyone. Transition has not changed anything in her as she is happy.

Structural variations in the family seem indifferent. The major concern in this family are the cultural variations which play a role in the way this family feels. Acceptance is the main ideology in this approach. The way this family identifies family and the life cycle involved at any stage of the family. Their traditions, choices and view of occupations and their attitude towards therapy identify with their Colombian identity. The ecological influences are factors in this approach. The best way to draw the strengths of this family are their resilience to the same factors that they are experiencing.


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