The Theories Proposed by Sociological Theorists

Harriet Martineau as one of the great sociological theorist in her theory proposed about the moral belief of the people that all were created equally yet women had no rights beyond marriage, the family and taking care of the children. Americans have the idea of democracy but she found it to be unrealistic in that the free will allow some people to gain by violating on other people’s rights (George and Craig 2010)

Jane Adam in her theory she viewed society as a way of individuals to come together and try to understand their ethnical interests. Her concern was majorly on the emotion of kindness and the way people have desires on sociality (George and Craig 2010).

I believe that both the theories are true. I agree with Martineau when she said equality is not realistic in that there has always been a fight from women for equality but that has never been attained. I also agree with Adam when she says that the study of social democracy change require people to come together and understand each.

An article from the newspaper that captures a current hot issue in sociology

An article that I read from the newspaper on issue in sociology was about gender equity. Though there is fight for equity in the nation it is still a problem to be realized. The article was about corruption in the country where some leaders involving both genders were found suspects. After investigations were carried out, the head of state set men free from the case whereas the female were demoted from their serving positions. We also term this as being related to democracy where those in high position violate other people’s right. This article focuses on micro sociology issues.

The ethical issues presented in the Milgram Obedience Experiment

Milgram set up an experiment to test the level of pain an ordinary person would instil on another person just because he was ordered to do so by experimental scientist. The abnormal willingness of most people to follow to any extend the command of authority also constitute the major findings of the experiment (Milgram 1974)

 Some of the conclusions drawn from this experiment is that ordinary people tend to follow the orders they are given by those in authority even to extend of killing an innocent fellow human being.

A Mil-gram experience in my own life

There this situation which I experienced in relation to Milgram experiment where ordinary people are subject to obey. My friend and I had attended an evening party which we had been invited and also those in authority were in attendance. One of the politicians had an affair with the lady I was with though he was married. He threatened me not to mention anything to the wife and failure to adhere I would face consequences. Though this was wrong I had to obey since he was somebody above with ability to do anything to his subject


George Ritzer and Craig Calhoun, Classical Sociology Theory 6th edition, McGraw-Hill Education 2010.