List of Thesis Topics to Consider for Your Project

College students keep asking “How do I choose a good thesis topic.” Unfortunately, there is usually no straightforward answer to such a question. Of course, you always have the usual topics. Topics like “The Dangers of Texting While Driving” and “Banning Smoking in Public Areas” are tired and uninteresting. Your professor has read so many of them. We have compiled a list of 10 thesis topics you can consider.

This are the List of Thesis Topics

You are an upcoming academic. As such, you are someone who thinks for himself or herself. You will need to learn how to come up with an interesting thesis statement. Note that a weak statement might have others assuming you never went deep enough. That is something you do not want. Here, you will get ideas to guide you as you search for a suitable thesis topic for your study. The following are 10 thesis topics to get you started.

Research Local Issues

You want to become a productive member of your community, don’t you? Admittedly, it can take more than a little effort to research local matters. But you are equal to the task. So, read newspapers. Search online. You will not get all the information you need to produce outstanding work, but they will help you get started. Consider interviewing someone directly involved in an issue of importance in your community. Some of the problems you can look at include political scandals, small and medium business struggles, and public school challenges. Take your time. You will find an interesting topic to research.

Health and Environment

Health and environment are areas a lot of people are interested in. There are many aspects of either of these two areas you can consider and come up with a great topic. You can decide to focus on the local scene or global research issues. Have you thought about the idea of sustainable cities? Why not research sustainable cities and their best practices and describe how your city can adopt such practices? So, your topic is sustainable cities.

Social Issues

Social topics will always draw people’s attention everywhere.  They affect whole communities, and there is no way people will ignore knowledge on what directly concerns them. The issue at hand might affect a neighborhood, a generation, a city, and so on. If you Google around, you are sure to find several exciting topics to research. Children and poverty is one example of a topic you can consider. What about researching school dropouts? These are issues that affect society, and the solutions you suggest, hopefully, might help to address them.

Law Enforcement

Admittedly, this is not an easy area. Researching issues to do with laws or government can be overwhelming. The challenges can be complex, and you might not appreciate entirely the various laws involved unless you have enough legal training. Consider talking to a law or political science professor and ask for suggestions. When it comes to selecting topics in this area, you have unlimited choice. An excellent example would be: Law Enforcement Should Not Use Radar Detectors.

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When it comes to researching media, be careful where you get your information. There is a profusion of incorrect and biased information. While you might get ideas from certain blogs and websites, understand they are not credible sources of information. Do not ignore them though; they might activate your creativity and help you to look at a given topic from a fresh, exciting angle. You can research the “Effects of Media on American Culture.”


Advertising is a subject that generates a great deal of controversy and debate. It is certainly an area that can give you a topic you will have much fun researching and writing about. Think of how advertising relates to gender or even racial issues. Consider examining corporate advertising and its effects on consumer purchasing behavior. You can find several advertising topics to research. Consider a topic such as “How Advertising Promotes Racial and Gender Stereotypes.”


With health and disease being critical issues in society, sport will always be an interesting area. Sport can enhance health and wellbeing. It is essential for growth and development in children. And there have been some exciting developments you can explore. Have you thought about a topic such as e-sport? What makes such a topic interesting is that e-sport requires little physical ability. Topic: Does E-sport have Value as a College sport?


Business is a core part of society. It is what drives the economy. Naturally, there is always much interest in it. It offers a plethora of topics to pick from, and that is where problems begin. Where there are too many options, making a decision is never easy. Read newspapers and get to know what is happening to big, favorite companies. People might be interested in corporate fraud, data security, exploitation and so on. Have you given thought to how companies use people’s social media profiles to make gains? “Companies Exploitation of Consumers’ Social Media Profiles” is a topic to consider.


Technology has helped humanity to increase efficiency and productivity tremendously. It is an area a lot of people in academia and elsewhere would be interested in. People want to know about the latest technologies. You can research the impact of a specific technology on users. Your paper strives to examine the technology in depth, how useful it is, and how it affects living and productivity. Researching mobile phone applications can be a good idea. Example topic: Effects of Mobile Applications on Shopping Behavior.


Religion has always been a fascinating area of study. Many see it as a force for good. Others think society would be much better off without religion. Still, others have stated that religion and the issue of belief in gods are not important at all. With a topic like that, you are the only person who can fail you. “Will Buddhism Soon Replace Christianity as America’s Religion?” can be an exciting topic.

By now, you have formed an idea of a suitable thesis topic. Start now — do not wait. Need help? Find a reliable thesis writing company.

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