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Topic: Complete an audience profile, and write an effective response using an appropriate medium, responding to an employee’s request for emergency leave



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            The most appropriate media for relaying this message as I would prefer would be print although it is dependent on what the company policy is. Print will ensure that the message is filled according to the employee to prevent the occurrence and serve as a reminder to him in the future and for the company to be able to make a follow up.
Dear Jeff,
            We regret to inform you that I’m unable to process your request for an emergency leave. After your request review, we have determined that it would be impossible to lose your support of during this period. We also recognize and understand your need to support your ailing grandmother, but unfortunately, based on the company’s needs and requirements, it is impossible for this reason.
            Business is expected to pick during the moment you have requested for the leave as you are aware from the conference in the nearby convention center. We are also aware that we have previously had to cover your absence with a colleague, Nina Hernandez to cover the shortage of staff we have in your absence. It would not be practical to give up her leave days as she was already scheduled to have her leave this weekend, and we would be short-changed in your absence.
            Your personal life outside the company is greatly influencing your work outcome and priorities. Please note that this letter is a fair warning and further discipline may lead up to and including discharge if you are unable to execute your duties properly.
Please note also that this conduct cannot be allowed to continue in the future as we cannot violate other employees’ leave days as they are entitled. You are hereby directed to continue with your duties as appropriate failure to which the company will have no otherwise but to replace your services with someone else. Kindly treat this with utmost importance.

An audience profile is a description of the characteristics for a target which tells you what kind of audience you have. Below are the descriptions and an effective response for an audience.
My primary audience is internal
My audience is Jeff Clarke, male. Jeff has a sick grandmother who has been sick for some time and has caused him to go on emergency leaves in the last two months.
He initiated the topic and so he has a clue.
The formality should be clear and concise as required
            My audience is expected to react to this message with a lot of understanding so as not repeat the trend and behavior.
            Because of his sick grandmother, Jeff’s efforts and energies and royalties have shifted from the company focus to her. He cares a lot about her.
            I want my audience to paint a picture of what might happen if he disregards the tone of the message so that he can take it with the seriousness it deserves.
            My audience should feel indebted as he has already taken company time and another employee’s time. He should work to recover the loss as should be clear that he will not incur any benefits as he already owes the company.
            The information needed for the secondary audiences will be laid out policies on the issue so as to prevent the occurrence by employees in the future and enable follow up on the requirements by the company.






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