Tips on How To Avoid Plagiarism

Ways to Avoid Plagiarism: Produce 100% Original Papers with these Tricks and Tips

There are various ways to avoid plagiarism on your work. Using the term “plagiarism” is kind. It is a euphemism for academic dishonesty. You need to realize as early as now that your college and teachers view it with contempt.  It results in academic failure and embarrassment. As a smart student — you are probably more intelligent than you think — you need to learn how to write original papers. It is not rocket science. You can master it now. Read on for tricks and tips that can help you produce high-quality original work next time you write.

Master Paraphrasing

You are a future academic. In every study you will undertake, the work other scholars have done will always be important. Teachers frown upon papers where a student takes whole sentences or a number of words and present them as though they constituted the learner’s thoughts. Always ensure you use your own words to present other people’s ideas. Make sure no two or more words appear in your work the way they do in your source. That denies others the opportunity to claim you have plagiarized your sources.

Use In-text Citation

Sometimes, you need to include the words of an author the way they appear in their work. That is all right, but you must not overdo it. In fact, avoid it and go back to the point we started with: master paraphrasing. Suppose you are using the American Psychological Association style. You can say, for example, “Participation of parents during the performance of school assignments did not expressly lead to better grades (James, 2010, p.10)

Cite all Direct Quotes

If you believe presenting the words of an author in their original form helps to bring out the meaning with greater clarity, go ahead and use direct quotes. While at it, avoid quoting whole paragraphs. Your professor might think you are lazy and your only concern is word count. When using direct quotes, be sure to use the exact words. For Example

James found “there was no positive correlation between parent participation in homework completion and the grades earned (2010, p.10). Always remember to include the full citation in the reference page.

Learn How Referencing Works

It is time for some work. Open your favorite browser. Visit Purdue University website or any other credible source of academic writing information. Ensure you understand how to use the various referencing styles. Some of the common referencing styles are APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Once you are through with in-text citation, create a reference, bibliography, or works cited page, depending on the writing style you are using. If using APA, for example, name that page “references.” If using MLA, call the final page of your paper “Works Cited.” Did you know you can use Microsoft Word to create your references page automatically as you continue

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