Top 10 Online Jobs That Pay Really Well.

Top 10 Ways You Can Earn a Living or Extra Cash

Admittedly, there are a lot of online scams. But legitimate online job opportunities exist. Someone somewhere is willing to pay for your skills. Have a computer, a telephone, and internet connection? Here are some ideas that can help you increase your income:

Become a Virtual Assistant

Use your time management, administrative, and organizational skills to help busy clients handle various tasks. You can help people with email. You can type their documents, or schedule their child’s physician appointment.

Get Started

How do you get started? Visit sites such as Craigslist and place an ad. There are websites that can assign clients to you; all you have got to do is register. Examples are and Become a top VA and earn up to 60 dollars every hour you work.

Become an Agent for a Call-Center Company

Work as an Agent for a Call-center Company.

You need a phone, a quiet place, and a pleasant personality. Companies pay people to handle customer complaints, sell products, or answer customer service queries. Do not worry; call-center websites provide you with scripts from clients guiding you on how to respond to frequent questions. You can make up to 15 dollars every hour.

Get Started

Simply sign up with a call center website and start making money now. Some of the best sites are,, and

Earn Money as a Document Translator

Can you read and write a language other than your native one? You can make a ton of money as a document translator. Companies today need to reach people in faraway places who may not speak English. Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Korean are some of the most in-demand languages. The more obscure a language is, the higher the likelihood you will get hired and earn more.

What to Do

Upload your résumé on a website called, indicating your rates and the services you can offer. You can also sign up with online agencies such as and, select suitable projects and start making money. You can expect to earn anywhere between 12–40 dollars an hour.

Become a Content Writer

Companies all over the world seek people who can compellingly use words. Are you good with words? Do you love writing? There are thousands of new and established blogs and websites you can create content for.

How to Get Started

Reach out to companies and blogs who might need help with writing articles, blog posts, press releases, sales copy, about us pages and so on. You can also sign up with companies such as and among many others. You can make up to 15 dollars an hour, depending on your skill level and speed. If you are good, you can make a ton of money writing!

Become a Website Developer

So you have always tinkered with things from an early age. You love computers and technology. At work, everyone thinks you are a computer nerd and come to you for help whenever their PCs malfunction. Why not become a developer? A growing number of people want sites and mobile applications created for them.

What to Do

Create accounts on various freelancing sites and position yourself as a web developer. If you are effective, work will soon overwhelm you.,, and are some of the good sites you can register with. Admittedly, getting work may take a while, so you need a little patience. You can replace your full-time salary in no time.

Resell Stuff Online

Help people who want to sell all or some of their items. If you love people and do not think self-promotion and sales are beneath you, try selling stuff on eBay or Amazon.   You earn a commission every time you sell. Typically, it is 20–40 percent or 5–25 dollars for every item sold.

What to Do

Head to Amazon or eBay and open an account. You must be ready to write a ton of product reviews or other helpful information before you can make a cent on Amazon. With persistence, you should be able to make up to 1,000 dollars a month after, say, one year. Patience pays. If self-motivation is not your forte, this may not be a good side hustle for you.

Find Data Entry Work

Typewriters may have become obsolete, but typing jobs are still in high demand. Businesses want people who can help them convert paper documents into digital form.

What to Do?

You need a laptop or a desktop computer. If you possess average or a higher typing speed and can type with accuracy, you can earn money doing this. Cold pitch companies and get work. Search Craigslist, too. Visit and find legit companies that outsource this task. Expect 6-10 dollars an hour

Offer Answering Service

If you are cheerful and good with people, you can become an answering-service employee for a lawyer, doctor and so on.

What to Do

With a phone, a computer, and a quiet environment, you are ready to start. Register on sites such as,, and among others. You can make up to 13 dollars an hour.

Do Transcription Work

Authors, journalists, and magazines are always interviewing people. Become a transcriber and convert audio files into written material.

Getting Started

You need a computer, internet connection, and high-quality headphones. Your typing speed and accuracy need to be reasonably high. Register with sites such as and for regular work. Ask magazines, newspapers, and TV news stations whether they need help with transcription work.

Affiliate Blogging Pays

Is there a subject you love writing about? Do you have the ability to connect with people and persuade them? Become an affiliate blogger.

How to Do it

Establish a simple blog and market it heavily. Drive a lot of traffic to it. Soon, companies will start asking you to allow them to advertise on your blog.  Typically, such ads have links connecting visitors to those companies. You earn every time people click on the ads. Earnings vary.

So, when do you want to start?

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