Pepsi Mission Statement

Pepsi Mission Statement

PepsiCo is a corporation that was founded in 1965 after the merger of the Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay Inc. It is a company whose business model depicts how the company has grown to be the second-best in the food and beverage industry. This huge success has largely been accredited to the strategies enshrined in the company’s mission and vision statement. The mission statement, in particular, promotes the primary purpose while diversifying the company when it comes to product and market supremacy. This has essentially seen the firm rise to the prominence it has today.

PepsiCo’s mission statement is, “ to provide consumers around the world with delicious, affordable, convenient and complementary foods and beverages from wholesome breakfasts to healthy and fun daytime snacks and beverages to evening treats.’’

The mission statement reflects the company’s resolution to make a significant impact on everyone, including immediate consumers through distinguished products.  It links with the continued efforts of the company to build its workforce and partners to grow together with the company as well. It also guides the company in developing products that suit the market demand while identifying the actions to be executed for the achievement of the company’s vision. It is, for this reason, the following aspects can be related to PepsiCo’s mission statement.

  • Improving Communities

Improving the entire welfare of the communities across the world is PepsiCo Corporation’s priority. The company does this by making the environment conducive for everyone to perform at their level best. Besides, PepsiCo takes the conservation of the environment seriously as a way to advance in its mission. For years now, the company has been recognized for its efforts of initiating several projects that aim at its commitment to sustainability particularly that of the environment, whose influence in the society speaks for itself.

  • Reasonable Price

PepsiCo often talks about putting a smile on everyone’s face, by saying this company refers to how much it minds about the pockets of its customers. Pricing is a factor that significantly impacts the level of satisfaction of all consumers bearing in mind that all they want is the best quality product yet at an affordable price. The Company recognizes and therefore it has taken up in its market mix and in an innovative manner to provide all its customers with the most affordable price for every product they produce. Moreover, the company flavours this up with regular offers on specific brands.

  • Improving Health

PepsiCo has over the years remained true to the demands of the customers particularly when it comes to the nutrition values and other related aspects. Its food and beverage niche is a primary influencer of the health of people across the world, a thing that PepsiCo management takes seriously. To live up to the preferences and likes of customers, the company utilizes various nutritional raw materials such as vegetables, fruits and grains in its manufacturing process to deliver customers with products that care about their health. This aspect of the mission has been seen in the steady reduction of added sugar, sodium and saturated fats in compliance with modern health standards.

Guiding Principles

To fully achieve its mission, PepsiCo has guiding principles that guide its way of conducting business. These guiding principles are more like the core values that guide the behaviour in the company. The guiding principles include the following:

  • Care for the customers, consumers as well as the world we live in: The stiff completion in the marketplace is the driving force of PepsiCo; nonetheless the force catapults the company towards solutions that profit both the company and its constituents. Therefore, the company’s success entirely depends on the in-depth understanding of customers, consumers and society. To nurture this spirit of kindness, PepsiCo goes the extra mile to show they care.
  • Sell only products we can be proud of: The true test of principles is Pepsi’s ability to consume and personally recommend the foods and beverages they sell without any reservation. It is their confidence that helps to ensure the quality of its products right from the ingredient buying process to the time it reaches a customer’s hand.
  • Communicate with accuracy and honesty: The entire history of PepsiCo is told, not in parts for convenience purposes to its individual goals but both in the negative and the positive side. Besides, being honest and precise in their history, the company is also responsible for making sure that communication is well understood. After all, no durable business is founded on lies.
  • Balance the short-term and the long-term: PepsiCo balances the short-term, long-term and benefits of every decision that is made and executed. Maintaining this balance assists in sustaining the company’s growth and making sure that the ideas and solutions of the company are relevant presently and in the future.
  • Succeed with Diversity and Inclusion: PepsiCo holds people with diverse backgrounds, traits and ways of thinking. Its diversity comes with new perspectives in the workplace while it encourages innovation and the ability to detect new market prospects.
  • Respect others and win as a team: A shared success is dependent on shared respect, both outside and inside the company. For this to happen, it needs people who can work as a team. Whereas PepsiCo is built on individual excellence, it also identifies the importance and value of teamwork in turning its goals into deeds.


The mission statement is like a yardstick for measuring a company’s decisions and performance and most importantly whether the company can achieve what it started for. PepsiCo is a global brand that is leading in the food and beverage industry. The Company’s mission is partially responsible for its great success. Besides, its employees who stick to the company’s strategies and core values are the main reason the company is still at the front position in the food and beverage business.

PepsiCo’s mission statement largely provides precise details about its products and the target market niche. Nonetheless, it needs to improve its mission statement by incorporating more information about wide-ranging strategies, approaches or the course of action to attain the company’s vision statement.

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