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My assignment Help Desk provides biotechnology assignment help to students across all levels of study. Biotechnology is defined as the application of scientific and engineering principals used in the processing of resources by biological agents to provide goods and services. Our biotechnology assignment help service covers all concepts including engineering and biological theories. Biotechnology focuses on improvement of peoples lives that is why it has gained recognition in the modern industrial era. If your assignment is from areas such as DNA engineering, biofuel, genomics, plant tissue and so on let our team of masters and Ph.D. tutors and writers handle it with utmost expertise.

Biotechnology assignment help topics.

  • Bio-informatics
  • Microbiology
  • Bioprocessing
  • Genetics
  • Bio-robotics
  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Bioprocess engineering

Main Areas of Biotechnology.

The main categories covered in biotechnology assignment help include;

  • Chemical engineering. – Chemical engineering entails combination chemistry and engineering and put them to use in the manufacturing industry.
  • Bioprocess engineering – Bioengineering involves the use of knowledge in biology to produce vital products in the fields of chemical, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals which are environmentally friendly and biologically useful. Our experts can also solve problems in bioprocess engineering.
  • Bioinformatics. – This involves the use of mathematics and computer science to study and analyze data. It is mostly used in genetic mapping.
  • Biorobotics – In this field, biological information is used to develop robots that do biological functions.

Applications of Biotechnology.

Biotechnology has four significant applications crop production, healthcare, industrial, and environmental uses.

Applications of Biotechnology in agriculture.

In the field of agriculture, Biotechnology is used in several areas. They are used in the manufacture of (GMO)  Genetically Modified Organisms, bioremediation, and production of biofuels. Regardless of the controversy GMO has created in the recent years, It has helped produce genetically modified crops that can perform better and give higher produce.

Micropropagation. This includes the growth of embryos from somatic cells in culture resulting in artificial seed production. Which is rolled out in three stages; formation of culture, regeneration of plants and finally transfer of the plants form the test tubes to the soil.

Applications of biotechnology in medicine.

Biotechnology is being used to produce vaccines and newer drugs that can cure a disease that had no cure initially. Research on diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and cancer has been facilitated by biotechnology. Our Biotechnology assignment help experts have been involved in surveys of various companies that produce drugs and other pharmaceutical products using biotechnological methods.

Application of biotechnology in industries.

Biotechnology is being used in industries to produce biofuels, chemicals, food products and many other items.

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